It is widely known that waking up in the morning is challenging no matter what time it is. However, when you wake up early, you are doing something good for your body and mind. In fact, there is a new productivity trend that is becoming more and more popular. An increasing number of accomplished entrepreneurs and company executives are stating that they are most productive while most of us are still asleep.

Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour
Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour

According to a recent report, 4 am the most productive time of the day. This explains why more and more people are waking up this early. Some of the primary reasons behind this include:

• Getting a head start
• Minimal distractions
• No one is texting or emailing you
• There’s not much to check on social media


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Get a Head Start

Waking up at 4 am allows you to start your day earlier than almost the entire world, thereby giving you a head start in your work. This creates the much needed feel-good effect, which results in many positive benefits. In any case, a good beginning is half the battle won. Waking up at this early hour will motivate you to work hard and stay ahead.

Minimal Distractions

At 4 am, there are minimal distractions like children or work. The tranquility you enjoy before the sun rises is unspeakable. This tranquility takes two forms. To start with, you will enjoy the physical silence. You are alone without any disturbances. Then, there is no traffic outside, no one is out there on the roads, and everything seems clear, thereby providing an almost distraction-free room for thinking and working.

No Phone Calls or SMSs

Early birds can enjoy increased productivity also because there are no phone calls or texts to disrupt you. No one is texting or emailing to take away your attention. This explains why people tend to feel more focused and unrushed at this time. There’s no one expecting anything from you at that point or in the next few hours. Therefore, the ability to understand the task at hand and start thinking creatively comes naturally.

There’s not much to check on social media

At 4 am, there’s not much to see on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. By waking up early, you can avoid the distractions of social media and technology. This will give you more time to focus on the tasks at hand.

Start Waking Early

When you have quiet and peace, and you are not worried about people trying to gain your attention, you are significantly more productive and can get more crucial work done. Productivity here might not always be work-related. Reserving this time for tasks that will rejuvenate you and set you up for a good day will do wonders.

If you are not yet an early bird, be sure to try it and see how it turns out. As you might come to experience, waking early can be a life-changing routine, one that will increase your productivity and allow you to live a better, happier life.

Waking Early

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