In these economic times when more of us are feeling that job security is becoming less satisfied more and more people through either choice or necessity are thinking about starting their own business and going it alone.

It is thought that you need to possess certain qualities within the makeup of your personality to excel as an entrepreneur in your own business. One of the most important things is to be comfortable with an uncertain future and the habit of risk.

Here are the ten signs that show you could be an Entrepreneur.

1. You Are Driven With PASSION. Passion is the first thing that counts the most when it comes to being an Entrepreneur. Without it, you cannot succeed in your own business. You must LOVE and Enjoy what you do. You Are Constantly Seeking New Opportunities. Entrepreneurs are serious opportunity-seekers. Everything is a chance, and they will give it a try. Failures are even an opportunity and something to learn and grow from.

You Are Driven With PASSION

2. You Constantly Think To Yourself “I know I Can Do A Better Job Than That.” You might not know anything about working in retail but every time you walk into a big store you have tons of ideas on how to make it a better shopping experience. In combination with your eye for opportunity, you cannot help but know there is a much better way of doing things.

Constantly Think To Yourself

3. You Want To Live & Breath YOUR WORK. Work is not a means to an end. It is not a way of collecting a paycheck and going home. You have dreams and visions of something much more than that, where you can live and breathe work. Not that you want to work more, you want to work smarter and not harder. You want your work/passion to mean something. You want to experience something more than walking to the office at 8 am, leaving at 5 pm and forgetting what happened for that day.

Live & Breath YOUR WORK


4. You are Dreaming Miles & Years Ahead While Remaining Focused On What You Are Doing At The Present Moment. You are a dreamer, but not a daydreamer. You are dreaming about your plans for the future while always working at achieving success on the details of today. You think big, but you do not lack the ability to focus on details. Every little task that is accomplished is moving the ball forward for you towards the big dream, the ultimate goal.

Dreaming Miles & Years Ahead While Remaining

5. You Are An Ego-Maniac. You look at your boss and shrug. You know and feel things could be better, and you believe strongly in your abilities. You have got a big, healthy ego; ego is important – because it will help you take risks, power forward towards success.


6. You Know How To Say “ I do not Know How But I Will Figure It Out To Make It Happen.” Your ego does not preclude you from admitting that you do not know something. Too many people fake their way through life, or duck and hide their head when they do not know the answer. However, your response will be to jump in, learn what you can, move quickly and get the answers.

7. You Are A Strategist. You do not just think about tomorrow or this week. You think much further ahead than that. This is an excellent trait you share with many people – career ladder-climbers and “cover your butt” employees. The difference between you and them is that you are still a dream and a strategist. Which makes you a very powerful person and a force to be reckoned with.

You Are A Strategist

8. You Are A Builder. You enjoy creating a thing. You are not after recognition, praise from the boss, awards, and money as much as you care about building something good and having others benefit from it.

9. You Want Control. You watch your boss and co-workers shuffle around you each day, and you want to rattle some chains. You want and need control. Seth Godin calls them torchbearers. You want to bear the torch.

10. You Are A Dreamer. You can see, taste and feel success knocking at your door. You are a dreamer who visualizes a beautiful world that you live in. You also realize the Dreams do Come True so keep dreaming.

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