Looking to make your gaming experience better? Don’t worry – all you may need is a good open headphone to help you out. The Grado SR80E Reviewed by Ironhorsetrading does make the right noises – and in this Grado SR80E review, we will take a look at the different aspects that make this headphone a good bet.

And a really different one at that. Whether it’s the looks or how it fits you, it’s just Nothing like the headphones you have used for so long.

What Makes a Good Headphone?

Grado SR80eOpen-back headphones are difficult to find, especially the ones that fit the budget and offer good value for money. Grado has been producing budget headphones for a very long time now, providing a lot of features in barely under $100 for its users.

Producing one of the rare styles with a quite unorthodox design, the headphones do not compromise on quality and have some gems.

The Grado SR80E is one such beauty which will be loved by people who are into gaming and looking for best laptop deals and headphones deals to get the right equipment for themselves. Despite of a unique design, the headphones do not disappoint on the quality run. If you’re an audiophile who has been looking for a good pair of open-backed headphones for quite some time, this review will help you figure out whether you should buy the Grado SR80E headphones.

Design and Features

Their latest, the Grado SR80E headphones showcase the same design as the previous one and barely have any change at all. In a quite uncommon manner, the open-backed headphones are not over-ears. The combination is a rare one that involves an on-ear headphones pair.

The headphones are quite comfortable and make a great pair. They’re also lighter in weight as compared to many other headphones available in the market currently. However, the fit in itself is a bit unusual. While the foam padding are permeable, it sports a look right back from the 1950’s. Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about it not being cool – it’s so different that people think of it as cool today.

To be honest, it does make the right noises so you won’t mind the appreciation.

GradoApart from the rest of the good design, the product falls flat due to its plug. The audio jack that comes with the headphones is a little too long and therefore, may not fit into your smartphone. However, if you’re someone looking for best laptop deals and trying to find a pair like these, these headphones may be great for you. The headphones come with a 6.33 mm jack converter to make it suitable for connecting to the home stereo system.

Another great thing about the company is that even for the designs that fall under the most expensive ones, Grado does not change its packaging and makes the user believe that they’re receiving quite an ordinary pair of headphones. As a result, you wouldn’t have to worry whether you’re looking at a case of high-end headphones or budget-friendly kind that you bought while looking for best laptop deals.

Sound Quality

Despite of its price and uncommon design, the one thing that Grado doesn’t compromise on is its music. As compared to its previous model, the Grado SR80E headphones offer a clear sound. The headphones dive a little deeper into the bass and produce a smoother and more detail-oriented sound.

The treble also hits great, especially for the mid-range volume. The music can be listened to even at the quieter end of the volume range without losing any detail. The sound works quite well even until the mid-range, but isn’t as clear as it should be at high volumes. It is therefore, advised to not use the pair for longer hours when listening to at a high volume.

The music offered by the Grado SR80E headphones is more natural and studio-like, and is perfectly suited for the ones who don’t like the sound to be cramped. The kinds who’re interested in music, or make it on their devices will find a good pair in the Grado SR80E headphones. Therefore, you can always add this pair to the list while looking for the best laptop deals to mix your music on.

However, even with the deep bass as well as the natural sound, the Grado SR80E headphones poses the same issues as that of many open-backed headphones. The Grado SR80E have an issue with noise leakage which means that one can’t play their music outside or while travelling with other people.

Apart from that, it doesn’t offer perfect isolation and thus, if you’re in a noisy area, you may hear it too along with the music. So, the headphones are best suited to be used for home theater, laptops, or studio purposes.


Don’t expect a great comfort fit. It’s a different fit out here – one that is different and pretty unique. And one that is all about the 1950’s nostalgia.

Given the nature of the brand it belongs to, the Grado SR80E headphones are quirky a pair and look very old fashioned when it comes to their design. The open-backed nature does produce the flaws of noise leakage but it can be handled by using the headphones just for home or studio purposes.

The bass as well as the treble works great on the headphones and therefore, can be used by musicians for long hours too.

However, you wouldn’t find it as great at higher volumes. If you’re a musician who is just starting out and looking for best laptop deals along with budget friendly open back headphones with great sound, the Grado SR80E headphones will prove to be a great choice for you.

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