Tips All Deal-Seekers Must Know Today

Shopping is fun, but shopping while saving money is even better. Here are a few tips which will help you save money and time. If we know that money is hard to earn and it should be saved as often as possible, smart deals are something that truly can make a difference. Use the following tips as often as possible.

  1. Study the store policy

As every deal-seeker will tell you, learning the policy of a store is mandatory. You will learn how they operate and how much money you can actually save if you use all the perks they have prepared for you. For instance, some stores will double the coupons they gave you, others won’t. A simple understanding the store can already save you 100% more on using double coupons.

Plenty of stores offers two types of coupons. They allow you to use the manufacturer’s coupons and the ones the store will provide. As such, you will end up with dual discount!

store policy

  1. Pay attention to the standard prices

Just because it says it is on sale, it doesn’t mean it really is. To avoid the mistake in question, you will have to pay close attention to the standard prices. Use a smartphone to compare and keep the prices. This trick allows you to better understand the deal available at that, particular moment. Only after you know the real prices, you are ready to use coupons smart and carefully.

  1. Don’t forget about hidden coupons

New brands, new stores are proficient in offering all types of coupons, just to increase their sales. More experienced sellers will offer hidden coupons. It means that you can buy one item and get a discount for a completely other, but related! For example, when you buy milk, you get a discount for cookies.

In the case of fashion, pay attention to the hats and bags. Usually, these products will generate some kind of discounts for clothes or accessories.

  1. Join the loyalty program of a store

When a shopper becomes loyal to a store, they will reward him. The best thing to do is to subscribe to emails and notifications by the store. Also, frequent purchases will generate you a steady flow of discounts and specific points which will save you money. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should shop at one store only, but to have a few of them you are loyal to.

At the moment, jabong coupons for bags can save you 20% on all bags and 30% on some of them. These discounts are available straight away and they can be used even if you are not signed up to a loyalty program. But, once you sign up and made a few purchases, you will get even better discounts. The mentioned coupons are essential for fashion-addicts and they can generate discounts up to 80% at any given moment.

  1. Organize the coupons

Without this step, chances are likely that you will waste most of the coupons. Due to busy lifestyles, most of us simply forget about using the coupons. Because all of them are valid for a specific time frame, they will expire. To make sure this doesn’t happen, create a list of all the coupons you have according to their expiration date. Those which will expire the first should be at the top of the list.

Let’s assume that you use Gmail and most of the coupons are placed there in the inbox. Simply add a star to each coupon which will expire within a week or two. This trick has an effect by attracting your attention to the emails in question.

  1. Share your success

Perhaps this is a sneaky tip, but it is actually beneficial for you and for your friends. Once you complete a purchase or two using the coupons, share from the website where you bought that item. Just make sure you are logged at the moment. By doing so, a seller will award you by offering you pretty impressive coupons and further discounts. On the other side, your friends will benefit from the deals.


The final word

Well done, now you are a deal-seeker. You are ready for getting the best deals and you are going to use them all the time. There are no rules or it can be generalized how much money you can save per month, but even the beginners save up to 30%, so it is already beneficial. It is a hard task finding something to work as interesting as shopping.

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