Interior Granite Tile


Our tile has a smooth polished finish which makes maintenance easy and our color blends bring unique color and patterns to any project.


Installation of EarthStone tile is the same as ceramic tile. It is installed using tile adhesive and grout. Due to our tiles’ thickness (1¼”), we can provide beveled edges for doorways and thresholds.


Granite is very durable and can be cleaned with any non-acidic cleaner.

LEED Credits:

EarthStone tile can earn credit points in the LEED rating system. LEED Credits for new projects and major renovations earn points from six broad rating categories. Consult your LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.

Available Color Blends:

light blend tile


dark blend tile

By blending various granite colors, we are able to offer a light blend or dark blend. Custom blending is available on some projects, please contact us for more information.

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